Traces of a Faded Soviet Civilisation

The kitsch fake Greek temple columns of Arkadia (previous post) are not so grossly inappropriate as they may seem. Feodosiya used to be an ancient Greek city, the trading port at that time called Kaffa, which the Greeks used as a base to trade with the Scythians (those with the crocks of gold under the kurgany in the Chekhovian landscape a few blog posts back). Here are traces of another past civilisation - the Soviets. The remnants of a Soviet temple of pleasure in Koktebel, where the elite who made the long journey from Moscow managed a brief escape to a more bohemian and permissive style of life. Koktebel was a hippy and clothing-optional get away from it all lifestyle destination within the Soviet Union for those in the know:


Kaffa, or Feodosiya, is still a port, still supplying the descendants of the Scythians in the steppe beyond with goods: