Ruslan, outside Arkadia night club Feodosiya, Crimea

In Feodosiya, a genteel resort with retired artists strolling along the seafront with lapdogs, like a post-Soviet parody of Chekhov's Yalta (and indeed, Chekhov did frequent Feodosiya) the old central cinema has been turned into Arkadia nightclub. Feodosiya in the ancient world was the Greek city of Kaffa.

A babushka is selling sunflower seeds from a sack on the street outside the club. While I take the portrait of Ruslan, who was passing by, I ask the sunflower seed seller hopefully whether this conversion from cinema to nightclub reflects a general downgrading of culture, some kind of symptom of a general malaise in society: "Not really, it was a rubbish cinema anyway”.

Ruslan, outside Arkadia night club, Feodosiya, Crimea